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All Across the Universe(s).

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Dec. 21st, 2015 | 11:48 am

So. Those of you who have had Cordy friended for a long time may remember that her main 'setting' was in mid season three of Angel. Not so any longer. I've rebooted her.

Now she is set post-season five Angel's episode, Not Fade Away.

For reasons yet to be determined, Cordelia was brought back from the dead five years later, where she woke up and found herself in New Orleans. So far she has no memory of her time spent dead (this may and probably will change at some point). She remembers all of the events of "You're Welcome." But to her, instead of five years in between, it feels like the next day.

So canon-wise that is her backstory, which, unless otherwise specified, is how I'll be playing her.

On to the Universes.

Twitter Verse.

This is basically Cordy's default universe. Same background as above with some weird things going on. She's seeing kneel_majorzod. This universe is operating under the premise that things in L.A. are not going well, and she's basically on her own there. There are a lot of people involved in the verse. Don't know what anyone else is calling it, but it's Twitter for me.

Edited: Feb. 18, 2010.

So far that is the only universe Cordy has, but if you are interested in having a universe with her, mun and muse are both open to ideas. Can be canon, post-canon (though I have not read any of the comics), crossover, or whatever. Just drop us a line here. If you need a Cordelia for a storyline you're doing, also please feel free to drop a line with the request. :D

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